Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lately I've Been...

I've not been blogging as often as I'd like, of late. I have the ideas in my head, I have quite a few potential topics noted down in my trusty cell phone, but it just doesn't seem to translate itself to paper...or word file. If only my posts would write themselves..! Is this what writer's block is like?

So instead of writing something deep and meaningful, I thought I'll give you a run down of what's been occupying me lately.

I've been baking. I made We made a tiramisu cake last week (I can't claim I made it all by myself! Having a baking partner is fun...and quicker.). Yesterday, we made "Kalter Hund / Hunde Schnauze", a no-bake dessert, which is basically like a giant chocolate wafer. I haven't transferred photos of our own chocolate brick to my laptop yet, so this googled photo will do just fine. Ours is pretty much the same, minus the white chocolate drizzle on top.


There was a double batch of banana loaf cake and carrot cake muffins before this. Plans to bake a coffee cake are on the way as well. And maybe something fruity too, while we're at it. We decided to scratch the chocolate souffle idea, because really, so much chocolate in so short a time can become a little too much even for someone like me.

Looking back at the huge helpings of dessert I've been shoveling in this month, I feel aghast. Forgive me, waistline! Can we please be friends again? :(

I've been brainstorming, and have a few ideas lined up for the blog! A new series is on its way... stay tuned!

After meaning to go to the library since a few weeks, I finally paid a visit. I had compiled a long list of books I intent to lay my hands on. I found only five of those, but that will keep me happy for the time being. I'd be delighted if you leave me some reading recommendations!


I finished one novel today; I might review it later on the blog. I'll just say, instead of helping me go to sleep earlier by keeping me away from the internet, like I'd hoped, it had the exact opposite effect - I stayed up reading till the crack of dawn, oblivious to the time.

Speaking of books, this is something I can wholeheartedly identify with.

While we're already including external links, may I point out this as well. (Warning - could cause over-stimulation of lacrimal glands.)

I'll be off now, to finally supply some much needed repose to my sleep-deprived self.


  1. Tiramisu cake sounds amazing! I love to bake, but I'm much more of a novice. That sounds a little advanced for me! I bet it was fantastic.

    perfectly priya

    1. It's actually not as hard as the name makes it sound :) (yes, I think it's the exotic name's doing!)