Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Woof Woof

I’ve mentioned this before – I am a complete animal person. I can’t seem to restrain myself when I come across a cat or a dog. I immediately start cooing and blathering. And if I can’t coo out loud, like at a very crowded public place, I coo in my mind.

I recently came across this picture, and couldn’t help but agree with it. It is completely true of me.

Mmm… no, maybe not quite true. In my case, I sometimes even avoid making eye-contact when I encounter someone, let alone say “Hey”. Talking to people sometimes is uncomfortable. Unless I’m really close with them, that is. You have to think of what to say, of what not to say, if what you’ve said is okay, try to remember what the person’s name was and what he’s doing, and of course, answer their endless questions about what you're doing with your life right now… Given the choice, I’d rather spend my time cuddling and cooing with an animal as opposed to pretending to hold a conversation with a person I hardly know (or a person I wish I didn’t).

I think I was a dog in my last life.

A German Shepherd.

Yes. That’s got to be the answer.

Oh, and that title? That's in my native language.

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