Sunday, 28 July 2013

We've Been Robbed

There’s been a robbery in my home back in Country B. Yes, you read that right. Things have been stolen. My parents informed me that they’ve been having suspicions for a few days now, that they’ve felt like someone’s been trying to break in a few nights in a row. Being away from home, it really scares me, not just for the monetary damage it could cause, but also for the people.

A little back story now: we’re renovating. Which means, there are workers inside the house five days a week, for a relatively long time. I think it could be one (or a group) of them, for they are now familiar with the house’s construction.

I mentioned that someone’s been trying to break in, right? Well, something’s already been stolen. Somehow, strangely enough, these two incidents seem separate, yet connected. The burning question now, what has been stolen? What did those thieves take? They took chocolates. Yes, you read that right. Chocolates. See, we have a pretty good stash of exquisite chocolates stored in a small, separate fridge. We consumed them sparingly, as they’re the kind not available in Asia, these chocolates aren’t very tolerant of shipping, and we get to restock only every two years or so. And what did those bastards do? They took everything from the fridge. All the chocolates. Today, mum found some of the empty original boxes inside the house. That means it was one, or a group, of the workers currently renovating the house. It made me so furious; I was literally shaking with rage when I heard it. I do take my chocolates seriously, but this time, I was infuriated at the self-righteous manner in which they were taken, at the arrogance of exploring our fridges (and maybe cupboards too), the contemptuous way in which the empty boxes were discarded.

It might seem like something small, “just a few chocolates”, but who knows what they might nick next, or have already nicked? There’s only so much you can do to keep watch on a big group of workers at all times, and to find out who the culprit is is practically impossible.

The second incident I spoke about, of my parents feeling like someone’s been trying to break in – that isn’t connected to the chocolate robbery, but I have this foreboding that these two are related, possibly by the same person or group of people. I certainly hope nothing happens, that no one breaks in. From what I've heard, they've been lurking around for the past three nights. They sound frighteningly adamant. We do have a big ol’ Dobermann, but if the thief comes armed, I fear for his life.

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