Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Mane Concern

My sister and I got this bright idea last week. We were both planning on getting a haircut, so how about we just cut each other’s hair? It would save us some dough as a visit to the salon can get pretty pricey, and it looked easy to boot!

Here’s the youtube video we referred:

 Looks easy, right?

We had the necessary equipment and time, so we were fired up and ready to face the challenge. This was our first time ever trying something like this, and boy, were we confident!

I was on first. My sister took a really long time cutting my hair, but it turned out fine. Good, in fact! The only drawback was that quite a bit more should have been trimmed off to get rid of the damaged ends (Yes, I had those! Nightmare, I tell you!).

Then it was my turn to wield the shears. I didn’t feel very sure-footed, but thought, heck, Imma do this, and Imma do it good! Guess what happened next.

I messed up. At the very first snip. I cut off too much, and sis had been extremely happy of late that she had hair long enough to play around with. Not anymore, though. She was shocked speechless at my scalping her. Thankfully, she didn’t kill me. She could have.

That was it. We threw in the towel and called it quits. I ruined her hair! And felt guilty as crap to boot. Thankfully, what little common sense we’d retained took over, and we made arrangements to get this nuisance done professionally and have it over with.

Two days later, we both got our hair cut the right way, in the right style, to the right length, by the right people. And I’m happy with the result. Sis's haircut got saved, thank God! And for me, no more damaged ends, good cut, manageable length, and did not burn a hole in my pocket. Of course, the salon staff tried to talk us into buying hair care products bearing astronomical price tags, more than quadruple the price of both our haircuts combined, but it didn’t quite work ;)

So, lesson learnt.

Moral of the story? Leave it to the professionals. Period. No ifs, no buts.


  1. I died laughing when I read your inner monologue of Imma do this and Imma do it good! So glad that your hair turned out great and that your sister's hair got saved!

    1. I'm never again cutting anyone's hair again! Not even my dog's fur. I'm not cut out for this job :D

  2. OMG this is great...I bit the bullet today and cut off about 8 or so was tough but Im happy its done...and not by my sister!

    1. Wow, 8 inches is a lot! It takes guts to chop off that much. I'm happy with my professional haircut too (the second one, not the first one by my sister :D ). The new length feels great!

  3. hahaha, omg yea the only thing I dare to do to my hair is trim split ends, I never trust a non professional with my hair lol

  4. Cannot dare to do such a thing. It goes in seconds but takes years to regrow.